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"Kali and his team did an outstanding job on the exterior of my house. It's a 95 year-old wooden house, and I was worried about finding a painting contractor who would know how to deal with the layers of old paint and fragile wood siding. Kali and his crew had the experience to know how fix the existing problems and prep it correctly. And he worked with me to decide where to spend the most hours on prep, so that we didn't exceed my budget. I couldn't be happier with the results. The place looks great and this paint job should last for a long time."
Janet Thomas
Home Decorator


Interior House painting is one of the best ways to spruce up your home. It creates a fresh new look. It adds value and beauty to your home. Having interior painting done by a professional painter is the best way to make sure that your home remodeling project is done right.

Exterior House Painting Contractor Queens NY


– Full exterior painting of wood, siding, stucco, and all types of composite siding
– Sheds, barns, garages, and guest houses
– Decks and fences of all sizes
– Pergolas and patio covers
– Doors and shutters


We can tackle small to medium sized commercial painting projects, both interior and exterior. We are excellent at client communication, will stay on schedule, and promise competitive pricing. Our painters have extensive experience with painting all surfaces, including stucco, siding, brick, wood, concrete, and even metal buildings! 

Commercial House Painting Contractor Queens NY

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Queens NY Painting Contractors

Take the Hassle Out of Painting

718PAINTERS.COM helps to make your life easier by taking the hassle out of painting. More than likely you have experienced the frustrations of painting your home. From preparing the paint surface by scraping or cleaning to the tedious process of painting, we help to take all of those frustrations away. Our team of painting experts gives you the ability to kick back and relax while your home painting project is taking place.

Queens NY Painting Contractors

Get It Done Right Away

With 718PAINTERS.COM we give you one of your most valuable assets- time. When someone chooses to paint their home, it can take weeks and months depending on the project. This takes you away from the things you need or want to be doing. We give you the freedom to continue your schedule while we complete the painting project. We are fast, efficient, but give you the quality you expect.


Upfront Pricing

We provide a detail written estimate with no hidden fees.

Flexible & Reliable

Experience in working around your schedule.

Local company, family owned

Local company, family owned and operated since 1991.

Excellent Communication

Always know what is happening with your project.

Great Reviews

​Our reviews speak for themselves.

Fully licensed and insured.

Superior quality, Fast and experienced, courteous staff.

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Why choose eco-friendly paint?

Traditional paint products are made with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that release toxins into the air as the paint dries, potentially causing health problems and damage to the environment. Some people also experience headaches and dizziness when using traditional paint. The federal government already regulates VOCs in paint, but the new ecofriendly paint products on the market go a step further with reduced levels of VOCs. To learn more about VOCs, visit the Environmental Protection Agency‘s website.

"Fantastic. These guys are total professionals. They did a walk thru, gave me a competitive estimate within an hour spelling out exactly what was and wasn't included in the cost. Compared to other bids I got, these guys were the most comprehensive and professional out of the bunch. Quick responses, proactively provided me their licenses and referrals, etc."
Mike T.
Home Owner

​Detailed Written Estimate

We focus on providing you with a written detailed estimate for your residential painting making sure that you know there are no hidden costs. We also like to give you different options that meet your budget needs. Following our first visit, we help you with painting colors and setting up an upcoming date when we could provide you with our high-quality painting service.

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